Things I Do Not Like About Middle

Now, I'm currently at my sister's volleyball practic at the Malta Community Center. I am on the computer's in the library right now. I decided that I would write on my blog a list of things I do not like about middle school so far this school year.Things I Do NOT Like About The Middle School:  The lockers are about half a foot wide, so I can barely get through between periods everyday.The annocements are on second block, not first, so when I don't know what rotation day it is, it really is not handy when they say second block into the day.Many kids swear as if it is the word "the", and it bothers me because some of the kids that were in my class last year do that, too. Last year if they said a bad word, they would be sent down to the principal office and have a harsh punishment. Now, the teachers do not even care. At lunch, some random kid sat down next to me and started swearing. I asked to one of the "deans" (punishment deciders) if I could move m…


Just checked the stats of this blog and now it has 13,00 pageviews! Awesome!

December 4th, 2013: Update

Hello everyone! I am at school right now. It is 8:43AM, and since I finished all of my work, I get to do whatever now, so I decided to write on my blog. I just updated the template for this website yesterday, and as you can see if you are reading this post online, it is christmas-themed. There are a lot of free Blogger templates you can download through third-party websites. Blogger doesn't offer a lot by default, and they are sort of plain, boring and unapeeling to me. And so you know if you do not already, instead of typing everytime you want to visit my blog, I have set up a free shorter domain for with I love. You can access this shorter way to get to my blog by typing with is a lot shorter.

Christmas is coming up and I have done most of my holiday shopping  so far for my family. I love making "perler art", which may sound weird but it is a really cool process that I started doing in …

11/29/13: Update

Today is Friday, November 29th, 2013. Today, we will most likely go bowling. I am at Grandma and Grandpa's house still. Aunt Jen and Uncle Jeff went shopping at the mall an hour ago, and we don't know when they will be back.
I'm bored. The technology talk net cast network ( is not in operation this Thursday and Friday, so I can't watch anything. 
Well, hopefully if I remember I'll post later writing the scores of bowling (if we even do go). Happy Black Friday!

Update for Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Well, I thought I would write down everything that happened today:
I woke up at about 8:30AM to 9:00AM. When I went downstairs all I smelled were onions, which I hate the smell of. Apparently Mom was cutting one open.
At noon we went to my Aunt Marijo and Uncle Matt's house for the meal. I'll name all of my family that went: Mom, Dad, Maggie, Justin (my cousin), Julia (my cousin), Aunt Jen, Uncle Jeff, Grandpa Homer, Grandma, Uncle Matt and Aunt Marijo. I will also name all of the dogs that came: Mickey, Cocoa, Wilson and Chipper (Guppy is too crazy, so we decided that he would stay home).
I'm spending the night at Grandma and Grandpa's house, where Justin, Julia, Uncle Jeff and Aunt Jen are staying this week for Thanksgiving. Although Julia is staying with Maggie at our house. 

Things I Am Thankful for This Thanksgiving

1. My entire family 2. The food that I eat 3. for making awesome technology video podcasts 4. Apple, INC.
And all the people that make me the way I am.